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Cafe Ole Cafetiere Class Coffee Maker - 3 Cup

Cafe Ole Cafetiere Class Coffee Maker - 3 Cup

Class coffee maker with Pyrex Glass

'Cafetiere' or 'filter brewing' produces an exceptionally fullbodied flavour far superior to the traditional drip or perk methods.

Use either 'regular' or 'perk' styles of your favourite coffee. This coffee maker works equally well with most coffee grinds.

The reusable metal filter eliminates the need for filter papers and still traps even the smallest grounds. Cleaning is simple easy and fast.

The Pyrex breaker is dishwasher safe but not the frame.

Size: 3 Cup.

• Durable stainless steel filter.
• Heat resistant.
• Pyres glass.
• Glass is disherwater safe.

Class coffee maker by Grunwerg.

Image shown is the 8 cup model.

Price includes delivery

Price: 9.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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